​Our Program

Pre-Kindergarten (aged 2 - 3)

The Dragonfly group caters to children aged two to three and a half. Each group has a lead Educator as well as two assistant Educators. This program is designed to help children learn basic skills like effective communication, self help, making choices, building friendships and maintaining focus.

Kindergarten (aged 3-4)

The Grasshopper group caters to children aged three to four and extends on our pre-kindergarten program by continuing to build comminication skills, self help skills and problem solving skills. The children are encouraged to become more independent in their learning and are introduced to new concepts to challenge their thinking.
Play Based Learning

Here at Cuddle Bugs Kindergarten & Pre-Prep, we take a play-based learning approach when planning experiences for the children. We believe that children who engage in quality play experiences are more likely to have well-developed memory skills, language development, and are able to regulate their behaviour, leading to enhanced school adjustment and academic learning.
Sun Safety

Here at Cuddle Bugs Kindergarten & Pre-Prep we promote sun safety by encouraging children to wear broad-brimmed hats as well as sunscreen when we go out to play while also minimising time spent outside during the harsh midday sun. Outside we have ample shade and set up activities to ensure children can be protected from the sun. We also have a range of sun safe merchandise available from admin including Cuddle Bugs hats and sleeved shirts.
Group Times

Group times at Cuddle Bugs are interactive and exciting. The children have the opportunity to participate in experiences such as music, dance, drama, experiments, games and stories as well as fine and gross motor activities. Group times are also a great way to follow up on the children's interests and take advantage of intentional teaching.
Multicultural Experiences

Here at Cuddle Bugs we promote multiculturalism through exploring our local Aboriginal people here in Bundaberg as well as looking at how other cultures celebrate traditions. 

Pre-Prep (aged 3.5 - 5)

Our Bumble Bee group caters to children aged three and a half to five and has a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. We prepare children for school readiness by setting up the foundation learning skills that help them become life long learners. This program is designed to extend on the kindergarten program and further develop the skills they have been working on such as effective communication, independent self help, making appropriate choices, maintaining focus for extended periods of time and building friendships as well as problem solving, literacy and numeracy.

At the end of the year, the pre-prep children get a transition statement that families are able to pass onto their child's prep teacher the following year.


Both the Grasshopper and Bumble Bee groups have an interactive whiteboard installed in the room. The children are able to sign in, participate in educational games, look at images from the day or relating to interests and much more. All children also have the opportunity to use iPads and digital cameras within their room.
Literacy and Numeracy

At Cuddle Bugs Kindergarten & Pre-Prep we expose the children to literacy and numeracy through play-based experiences, group times and various opportunities throughout the day. We explore letters and numbers in meaningful ways to keep children engaged.
Excursions and Special Visitors

Each year the children have the opportunity to go to Kindergym at Gymfinity Gymnastics Centre in East Bundaberg. Here the children are able to run, jump, hop, skip, climb, roll, swing and balance on various pieces of equipment.

The Pre-Prep children participate in yoga experiences once a week during Term 2. We believe yoga to be very beneficial as the children learn breathing techniques, various stretching and relaxation activities as well as ways to calm their body and mind.

We also work very closely with the Mon Repos Turtle Conservation Park and a Ranger comes to our service to talk to the children about turtles and basic conservation topics. The Pre-Prep groups then visit Mon Repos to see the information centre and go down to the beach to see where the turtles lay their eggs.

We also have various visitors from our local community come to Cuddle Bugs. These visitors include Emergency Services Personel, local farmers and local Aboriginal and Multicultural experiences.